I am an Assistant Professor for International Political Economy at the European Institute of the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and Visiting Fellow at the European University Institute (EUI). I study EU trade and investment policy and international regulatory cooperation.





New: Interview on EU investment policy and the state of the world trade regime with the Spanish magazine „Consejeros“



New: Lessons from South Korea: what would a hard Brexit mean for British manufacturers, LSE Europp Blog.


New: My assessment of the UK’s post-Brexit trade policy on CNN, „Britain wants to do more business with America. Its plan for Brexit won’t help




NEW: The WTO and the Rise of Plurilateralism – What Lessons can we Learn from the European Union’s Experience with Differentiated Integration? Journal of International Economic Law, 22:1, 411–431.







NEW: Strengthening the World Trade Organization – Critical Demands for Imperative Success, Discussion Paper, Bertelsmann Stiftung.






NEW: The implications of a looming global trade war for the United Kingdom after Brexit, LSE Brexit blog.






NEW: „The EU in the Global Investment Regime – Commission entrepreneurship, incremental institutional change and business lethargy“, Routledge/UACES Contemporary Studies Series, Routledge, London.